Ellemere Complementary Centre in pictures

3, Wharf Road, Ellesmere - our cosy practice. You will be welcome any time! 

And there is always plenty of local information to read!

Our therapy room is light, airy and colourful. Almost everybody who steps into this room stops over the threshold and expresses wonder at the atmosphere of peace, a room where healing can take place. 

We are extremely lucky to have the only fully qualified Ortho-Bionomy practitioner in the UK working in the Centre. A gentle holistic bodywork, similar to osteopathy, which helps
release stress, tension and pain within the body.

Our beauty therapist has an excellent reputation within the town, having worked here for 15 years. She welcomes you into her room to take care of all your beauty requirements. 

Our newly decorated counselling room is small and private, allowing you

to relax, talk, dream and leave your troubles behind

We support two local jewellers, displaying their items in our cabinet in the waiting room

We also support and take part with Fizzgigs, Ellesmere's Community Art Group. 

And so, after your treat....or treatment.....we wish you well and look forward to seeing you again. 

What makes us different?

We all have our strengths. We are here to help you find yours. 

Dr. Anna Hayes has been practicing Ortho-Bionomy, a gentle holistic bodywork, since 2012 and is the only fully qualified practitioner in the UK. Anna coordinates and leads the team. Ronnie Jones has been a successful beauty therapist in Ellesmere (a small town with 9 beauty parlours!) for 15 years. She joined Anna in 2020 at 3 Wharf Road, where the Ellesmere Complementary Centre was initiated. Richard Rhodes is a Registered Mental Health Nurse and after taking voluntary early retirement after 30 years working in the NHS his experience covers just about every element of mental health. Jenny Derose, from Derose Counselling is our second counsellor here to help with life's experiences. Sarah Batha, from Balanced Elements Acupuncture combines a wide range of experience gathered over many years as a therapist in her acupuncture therapy.  Fiona Winter is a tutor at the College of Healing and offers energetic healing at the Centre. Bhanu, from Sound in Health, is a talented and empathic Reiki master, who combines these skills with sound and colour therapy. Regular weekly yoga classes are offered in Ellesmere by Bhanu and Trixi Field, our second sound therapist. Trixi also offers singing lessons for those wishing to let their outer voice soar.  

Get in touch to find out how we may be able to help you!