What we offer...

We all have our strengths and we are here to help you find yours, whether that be your physical or mental strengths, your inner or outer beauty, or your spiritual well-being. Below you will find more detailed information about the therapies that we offer, about the people who will accompany you and how you can contact them directly. 

Ortho-Bionomy UK

Ortho-Bionomy® is a holistic, non-invasive bodywork
technique to help release tension and stress and thus
ease pain in your body. It is a very gentle therapy with
no painful positions or manipulations and is therefore
considered to be a very pleasant and relaxing way to
communicate with the body, instead of working on
the body. Gentle touches and carefully selected positions whilst fully clothed encourage your body to find its own comfort and natural balance. In this relaxed
position, your muscles and tendons can unwind,
stress and emotional tensions can be released, leaving
you with a deep feeling of peace and harmony and
resulting in long-term flexibility and more comfort.

People suffering from back or joint pain, shoulder,
neck or jaw pain, injuries or scars as well as stress and
nervousness or digestive issues can benefit significantly
from this gentle bodywork.

Ortho-Bionomy® can accompany your body to find its own position of ease in its own time, during the healing process.

£55 for a one hour treatment
Contact Anna on 07377 315865

The Beauty Room

Facials: Relaxing
Skin boosters: Profhilo - Jalupro
Eyebrow shape & tinting
Eyelash lift
Gel polish
inc. pelvic realignment for lower back pain

Contact Ronnie on 07976 711429

RJR Counseliing 

Richard Rhodes is a Registered Mental Health Nurse who took voluntary early retirement after 30 years working in the NHS. His experience took in just about every element of mental health. Including, but not limited to: Acute, continuing care, forensic, community, day hospital and enduring care. He  has been employed in a wide range of clinical positions and also enjoyed working as an associate lecturer at Worcester University. 
Upon leaving the NHS, he became aware that assisting and helping people review and achieve personal goals and aims was the most rewarding aspect of his time in the NHS. He calls on his training and experience in Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy in order to help people experiencing difficulties with Anxiety, Depression, Emotional Intelligence management, self value/self esteem issues amongst other personal issues that may be affecting an individual. Having also helped people with preparing for interviews (of any type or nature) he also calls upon elements of life coaching. 
Having seen and been a part of Mental health awareness transform over the past 30 years, he remains committed to offering a non judgemental and supportive service.  

His service operates under a strict confidentiality process for client confidence and assurance. 

£65.00 per 90 minute session. A no fee first consultation can be sought by initiating contact via my email: [email protected] 

And more offers below...........

Balanced Elements Acupuncture

Sarah Batha has a Bsc Honours degree in Chinese Medicine Acupuncture and a background in Holistic Therapies. A massage therapist for over 10 years,  she has integrated therapies such as reflexology, reiki, aromatherapy and much more into her treatments where necessary. Here Sarah offers acupuncture, cupping, reiki, acupressure facial and moxibustion therapy. 
As a therapist she feels that helping a person mentally is the root to healing physical trauma and conditions. Acupuncture does just that, treating the person as a whole (holistically). Often Illness manifests from anxiety, stress, depression and trauma. Acupuncture can treat all of these things and works safely and positively alongside western medicine. Acupuncture uses the bodies natural energy meridians (Qi) to balance and renew, treating you as a whole and from the root of the issue. You don’t need to have a condition to have Acupuncture as it is a perfect way to just keep you in balance and give a boost. Acupuncture doesn’t just treat the condition, it’s treats the root of the problem and so brings balance on a complete level.  

Sarah treats her clients on all levels, spiritually, mentally and physically, as a result aiding in a deeper more profound level of healing and recovery.

*Acupuncture £50 for 1hr
* Cupping £25 for 30 min
*Reiki £30 for 1hr
*Acupressure facial £25 for 30 min
*Moxibustion therapy 

Contact Sarah on 07495 193330 or find her on Facebook



Reiki is a channelling of the Universal Energy through the practitioner into the client for their body to use where it needs it. Most symptoms are not generally the cause of the problem - they are just the way the body tells you that something needs fixing.

Reiki is very useful for energy boosts and a general feeling of well-being as well as for recovery after illness, operations or pregnancy.

Contact Sarah Batha on 07495 193330 or find her on Facebook  An hour sessions costs £30. 

Individual Reiki sessions are also available with the talented and empathic Reiki Master Bhanu from Sound in Health. Contact Bhanu on 07521 376009

Sound Healing

A one-to-one sound healing session with Bhanu from Sound in Health, who combines his sound healing skills with Reiki and colour therapy. 

Bhanu also offers sound baths. 
Contact Bhanu on 07521 376009

Trixi Field, a qualified practitioner and tutor for the College of Sound Healing offers one-to-one sessions for relaxation & well-being, deep meditative experiences and chakra balancing.

Contact Trixi on 01691 623829


Dru Yoga - a form based on classical yoga but with powerful, flowing and dynamic sequences: Group sessions on Tuesday evenings in the Black Lion at 7.30pm and 1-1 Dru Yoga sessions on request with Trixi Field, registered Dru Yoga teacher. 
Contact Trixi on 01691 623829

Integral Yoga group every Friday in Ellesmere Methodist Hall from 10.00 - 11.30am. Suitable for all levels of experience. Also individual one-to-one yoga sessions with Bhanu from Sound in Health. 

Contact Bhanu. Tel. 07521 376009